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Our commercial grade video surveillance as a service, VSaaS, is available to business
customers who need the most up to date and reliable security video monitoring services.
When you record your security video to the cloud, it is securely stored and available to be
accessed from any location. This type of video surveillance system is used by companies
who need to monitor multiple locations from one central location. If your corporate headquarters
is located near or far from your production or warehouse locations, you can still monitor security
video at any time. This is a new type of security service that has only recently become available.

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Hosted video surveillance systems of this type are especially useful when there are multiple
 locations that need to be monitored from one central location. You have access to all cameras
 in the cloud and can access them over the Internet from anywhere. All cloud cameras are
monitored to confirm they are working. Our blended environment, also know as a hybrid video
system, combines the aspects of on-premise and cloud hosted solutions to deliver a scalable
and feature-rich monitoring system with
added functionality and redundancy. Hybrid systems
are typically used when a company needs to service a large number of cameras or they are
challenged with limited Internet bandwidth.

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