Cloud Security Camera System for Business

Cloud Security Camera System for Business Request a cloud video surveillance quote
Surveillance Camera System to the Cloud
Security Camera Cloud Storage Services

We have a cloud security camera system for business that is setting the
security monitoring industry on it's ear.The weak link in video systems has been
eliminated by recording the video feed to off-site data centers in the cloud. Until
now, all video security systems have been vulnerable to the loss of the on-site
DVR. Surveillance video can now be recorded to a remote location, eliminating
the to possibility of service termination through equipment theft or vandalism.

Every business is different, so we offer video surveillance systems with different
levels of security camera resolutions and storage options. For large systems you
can have a hybrid system that records priority cameras to the cloud and lower
priority cameras locally. Four resolution levels are available from NTSC all the
way up to 5 Mega pixel super high resolution.

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Security cameras recorded to the cloud are monitored to insure that they are operating.
The amount of time that the video feed is stored in the cloud is also a variable with the
most common choices of 7 days, 15 days and 30 days. Longer video storage durations
are available on request. You can easily access your live video from any Internet
connected device at any time.

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