Security Camera System with Cloud Video Storage

Security Camera System with Cloud Video Storage Request a cloud video surveillance quote
Surveillance Camera System to the Cloud
Security Camera Cloud Storage Services

We offer a commercial quality security camera system with cloud video storage for business.
With secure cloud storage you will enjoy secure, fast and cost effective video storage for all your
video monitoring needs. Leading streaming technology enables you to easily access your live
video from any Internet connected device at any time. With a Camera List feature, you get a quick
glance at your camera status, locations and the ability to quickly edit camera settings. Motion
detection is used to provide you only with the most important video footage, which saves you
time and money from unnecessary video footage and video storage.

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You have unconditional access to your live video monitoring and secure storage from your
mobile devices. Available on iTunes and Google Play. You can be notified immediately,
anywhere when motion is detected and have the option to be notified via email or text when
your system is triggered by motion. Our open platform supports a wide variety of camera
manufactures giving you choices and flexibility. There are no resolution or FPS restrictions,
whether its 1 FPS or 30FPS, you get to chose. Unlike other hosted video surveillance
platforms, we let you choose your video quality.

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