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cloud security camera system
Security Camera System

Our commercial grade security camera cloud storage services are available to business
customers who need to record and store high resolution secure surveillance video off-site.
When you store security video off-site, it is recorded to the cloud and can be access from
any location via the Internet. This technology has only recently been available at a cost that
makes it a viable security monitoring solution for business customers. Storage options vary,
giving you different levels of resolution and number of storage days from 7 to 120 days.

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One way to store security video for larger systems is to use a hybrid system that stores
surveillance video locally on a high capacity NVR and off-site remotely in the cloud. This
way you have easy access to all video, in addition to remote access for the cameras
recorded the cloud. When you record to the cloud, the recorded video can not be taken,
even if the network video recorder on-site is stolen or vandalized. Security video is recorded
and sent to the cloud in real-time, so any activity is recorded before any camera vandalism
can take place. This technology has revolutionized the surveillance video industry.

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